We’ve had torrential rain today in particular, so I went down to plot to see how things were faring. It’s all very wet, but it’ll be ok to garden tomorrow. If I can’t do any soil work, there’s at least loads of deadheading and weeding to be done. Only a couple of things had been knocked down by the rain. The main one, the cornflower at the front, is now propped up again.

Everything’s picked up at the back – beans are going well and the sweetcorn is all still standing. The veg bed is doing well, but I need to watch out for the poppies taking up too much space.

The purple loosestrife is starting to open, so suddenly the greenery is coming to life. The big foxglove is flowering, along with poppies and geums, so that bed all looks good.

Ferline tomatoes and Jack Be Littles all still standing – and the poppy has started flowering.

The yarrow has started flowering, but a lot of the poppies are done.

The uchiki kuri had grown a lot and these tendrils are now going up the trellis instead of across the grass. The first female flowers are starting to appear.

The pumpkins haven’t really taken off yet, but they’ll have loved all the rain. The bed needs a bit more straw on it and the courgettes need some too.

The big radishes have bolted even more, but the new ones are coming up. I need to cut some chard so it doesn’t go the same way.

The courgettes are doing well and the tomatoes are now flowering. More feeding necessary. The cucumber plants are finally taking off too and have proper leaves, which will help them grow.

The poorly foxgloves have managed to grow enough to flower. They’re not very big and are a bit hidden by the geum, but they’re my favourite white and red ones. I can see in the photo that a morning glory is on its way up too.