First job was a bunch of deadheading and some weeding. My new snips are still being super useful. The first couple of morning glory flowers are out and are doing a slightly better job than the sunflowers at facing the right way.

I’ve taken a big pile of expired flower spikes off the lupins. There are still lots of current flower spikes and I should get another flush of flowers too.

The first borlotto bean flowers are out and there are flowers on the runner beans and gold nugget tomatoes, cucumbers and uchiki kuri.

I’ve planted nasturtiums along the front of the Ferline bed and have taken the sideshoots and suckers off the tomatoes. They seem to be doing well with the netting rather canes.

I transplanted the sunflower from the radish bed and it seemed fine at first, but had flopped over dramatically when I went back in the afternoon.


The four green French beans are finally in, complete with small beans already forming! I’ve sown two more green seeds and then 6 purple French bean seeds.

In an effort to keep planting out, I’ve put out a cosmos at the end of the uchiki kuri, and one here in the trellis bed. The everlasting peas are getting higher and I’ve done some weeding of the grass etc that comes through the trellis. I’ve also taken care of all the nettles that were filling the trellis and corner.

First chard harvest, with lots still left to come.