No onions appear to have been touched so far. They’re buried fairly deep in the bed, so they’re not exactly obvious to passing birds.

With Suzy helping, the potato bed over by my boundary with Mr B was uncovered and we broke the extra strip of ground that had been grass last year. It was actually mostly clover, which came up fairly easily and the soil below is in pretty good condition. While digging Suzy found a sweet little toad, whom we moved out of harm’s way. He had been very well camouflaged in the soil.

I cut some more grass and pulled up some vetch – there’s lot by the trellis. Freesias are coming up in the border and I think the ranunculus are coming up where I planted them near Mr B’s gate.

While I cleared up, Suzy turned over the veg bed by the shed too. I’ve left the two beds uncovered for now. If weeds start appearing before they’re due to be used, I’ll covered them up again.

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