The Braeburn apples are getting bigger, but we manage not to knock off any when we put up the final panel of trellis along the shared boundary. It looks good and it’s a really good thing to finally have ticked off the list.


Finished trellis

Mum dug over the back potato bed now that the potatoes are known to have rotted and I put in the Turks Turbans and ornamental gourds that were left.


Half in and half out of the shed I put together the small shelves that I’d painted. Along the way I picked up things I could do better in putting together the big ones once they’re painted. I loaded them up and finally go some floor space back – hurray!

Loaded shelves

The nasturtiums really are taking off – sometimes next door, so more pulling back was required to bring them on to the right side.

Nasturtium flowers

Tropical foxglove


The tropical foxgloves are in and looking good. Even the new strong marigolds are getting eaten by slugs, so I did another go around the flower beds with the chemical slug stuff. The stuff made a huge difference the first time and without a doubt things are better than they used to be.



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