The grass has now started to appear, but mostly as sideburns, as the seed was swept to the sides early on by heavy rain. There are also lots of little seedlings in the soil that look like sunflowers.

Half the row of onions has suddenly thickened up. The other end of the row still looks fairly measly, although it’s had pretty much the same treatment.

I’ve had to give up on my own stunted tomatoes, so I’ve bought ten tomato plants for the first time ever. These are 4 Romas, as planned. Hopefully the new fencing set up will be more supportive than the usual rings I use. Another panel will go on the near side of them when they’re bigger.

Most of the cucumbers have failed, which is a shame. I am attempting to hide the failures with transplanted gourd plants. Hopefully they can grow up the wigwam and look intentional instead.