We’ve had an amount of rain, which has splashed lots of the grass seed up the beds, but it hasn’t germinated yet. Other veg seed has got going at last though, as well as the candytuft. Lots of salad is up, which will need thinning soon. I’ve picked the first leaves from the first lettuce to come up. I suddenly have more parsnips coming up from various sowings and the third potato is up.

A couple of the cucumbers have died. I might replace them with a volunteer gourds.

I’ve planted out 8 French beans in an L-shape and put the second gourd behind them. Hopefully it’s pointing the right way to head away from the beans.

I’ve stood the yarrow up – about a week late – but need to find a better solution. I only have 3 cane hoops, so I’ve temporarily used a couple of broccoli cage hoops to help stand it all up off the flowers underneath.

I’ve fed everything that’s not flowering yet with a half-strength dose of general feed. I’ve dug in a few handfuls of chicken pellets for the garlic. Everything else that’s flowering, or is about to has had a round of tomato feed. At home, the biggest pathetic tomatoes have had a weak general feed too.