The latest addition to the plot: my obelisk. Took some finding at the garden centre, as they’d been moved, so I made sure to berate the nearest employee. Nasturtium and canary creeper seeds have been sown around the base. ¬†Around the front is a thick line of meadow mix and then swathes of calendula, gaillardia, rudbeckia, aster and black cornflower. I’ve yet to sow around the back. I need to put the home seedlings somewhere too. I hope they’re going to actually grow to full size.

Over by the shed I’ve put flax and compost in a patch at the end of the flower bed and put a nasturtium seed in the second flower pot. Maybe that’ll grow and climb the fence too.

I did a quick weed of the trellis bed and left the various nasturtium plants that had self-sown. The compost patches show where I’ve sown phlox at the front of the bed. The nasturtiums growing at home will go against the trellis.

The bear’s breeches have woken up and are growing vigorously. I guess they’ll get too big at some point, but I’m happy for the coverage at the moment.

The everlasting pea on the right has really got the idea of growing up the fence. Of course the view is least bad that way, but maybe it’ll pressure its siblings on the other fences to do the same.

Having tidied up the shed, at the last moment I saw strings of web between the shelves, which seemed to have appeared ever so quickly. Then I saw the huge nest of baby spiders in the copper ring bag! So I moved the bag outside for them to disperse there instead.