Just look at those geums!

I went down to the plot intending to plant and sow the French beans, but when I opened up the bed, there were two big ant nests and the soil was more compacted than I wanted. I dug it over a bit and tried to tip the manure on top down into the soil a bit. It’s now open for a day or two, with the hope that the local fauna will help themselves to the ants.

I’ve now planted out some of the silly nasturtiums in the spaces I could reach. I need to put the other ones I have along the ledge fence.

Wanting to make a dent in the amount of plants in the shed, I got the sunflowers out and planted 4 of the 6. I was stumped as to where I could fit them in along the boundaries and it suddenly dawned on me that I could put them in the gourds beds and just let them sit among all the vines. I put one in Bed 7 and two in the front bed. I put another over by the right hand everlasting sweet pea.

With pots now freed up, I’ve potted on the Jack be littles, Marina di chioggia and other gourds – and resown the one I damaged (which had been doing a remarkable job of staying alive though very fragile).

I left the plot with these glorious splashes of colour against the stormy-looking sky. Note the poppy that has opened right by the gate too.