Mum cut the whole meadow of grass in two shifts and did a bit of edging too. I went down after work to uncover bed 3 and ended up doing a load of edging too. A bucket of grass and a few slugs. Yesterday’s poppy has already dropped, but another has opened on the other side of the gate.

Something has been digging underneath some of the newly planted arrivals, but fortunately no damage has been done. The root balls were all pretty good on what I put in. The compost has been scooped back into place and with any luck they’ll be left alone now.

Bed 3 is rather overfilled with organic material as the worms didn’t do much incorporating over. So I’ll scrape off the top for the compost bin and put a couple of dahlias in here and that will still leave plenty of space for more veg.

I put one little sprouting dahlia tuber into a pot at home and that leaves me with 5 tubers that have shoots. There are also a bunch of fairly small ones that don’t yet have obvious eyes.