A lovely sunny day with lots to be done. Unable to find the 16th long cane, we rearranged the second wigwam a little to make it 7. Two canes have been added to the cucumbers to up my chances of getting any cucumbers to survive. It was breezy today and another plant broke before I even got them in the ground. I’ve bound that and the original broken one with washi tape, which seems to be quite a good option. I’m not sure how well the plants will do though. I already have two seedlings coming along and I need to sow more.

The tomato fence is up, ready for the tomatoes, which will go out next week after Gmunden. As well as a few volunteer tomatoes among the garlic, there’s also a volunteer chard in the onion – which at least makes sense as that’s where it was last year.

I’ve put a couple of bags of compost on the clear part of Bed 7. I’ll add at least one more once the cornflowers are gone as they’re taking a lot of soil with them.

The poles have been strung up for Jack Be Littles, I just need to weave a bit of netting support for them. The cucumber wigwam needs the same addition.

In the afternoon the beans went in. One is just a seed, which was sown a week ago. One plant has lost its top, so if it doesn’t grow new shoots, there’s a second seed already soon to replace it.

I finally cleared up my slabs, which have been annoying me for weeks every time I went in and out.

I’ve also propped up the everlasting peas that were lying all over the ledge and getting attacked by bindweed. Underneath the apple tree is cleared up and the brambles and nettles that were at the trellis boundary have also been cut back. Lots of good jobs jobbed.