I’ve added marigolds to the runner beans and marigolds. They need pinching out, but most of them have a flower bud, so I’m letting them do that first.

I’ve also planted out the two little cucumber seedlings I had at home. They’re still only on their seed leaves, but everything is breaking so easily, I figure I might as well get them settled now.

I’ve made the first level of support for the cucumbers and Jack Be Littles. I’m going to let the plants indicate what they might need before I get too far into winding string here there and everywhere.

The garlic is doing well, as are the onions. The tops that got eaten haven’t grown back, so I have a small space in my onion row, because of course they were next to each other.

I ¬†weeded Bed 2 and watered the chard. I also watered the other active beds as we’ve gone from endless rain to no rain in sight.

I mowed all around but couldn’t do much on 1. The grass is possibly to damp in itself still. But the 2 and edging has made it all look very smart and I’m hopeful that this means it won’t be too long when I return after next weekend.

I made a start on digging over the section of grass and mint. Lots more yet to clear there, but it’s nice to have made a dent.