In an effort to get things going again, I’ve fed everything in the plot – tomato food for flowering and fruiting veg, and general feed for everything else, including the borders.

I’ve made a start on attacking the parts that have been bugging me by looking scraggy and untidy. I’ve cut back bits of the lupin which had been cut before and half died and half grown new leaves. Along with some deadheading, this corner is now looking a bit more pleasing on my way in and out.

I’ve started doing similar tidying in the front bed: cutting back, pulling up etc. I’ve also tied up all the gladioli, which mostly fell over as soon as they appeared – in part because everything else had already laid down. There’s a gladiolus that’s gone through the fence to Mr B’s path, so that will probably be a cut flower so I get to see it.

I’ve done some tidying of the everlasting peas too, particularly on the right boundary, where the pea fell down long ago in the wind. I’ve cut down all the flop. I don’t expect further growth, but it looks better know. The hyssop never has the chance to stand upright, so probably needs to be moved to where it can.