The volunteer tomato by the shed has suddenly taken off and now even has flowers. Chances are, it’ll develop some fruit!

The first helianthus is now out, towering above the fence.

Most of my time in the morning was spent doing harvesting. More beefsteaks and the first plums were ready and with the Ferlines, it was about 3kg of tomatoes.  I’ve finally opened the beefsteak cages, to give them a little room to spread out and make it easier to pick them.

All the onions have now been taken home to dry and only the big kalette plant remains in that dry bed. In the afternoon, I found the rest of the runner beans I’d meant to take home in the morning, sitting happily in the grass.

As well as making a start on tidying up the trellis bed, I took the front off the compost heap and dug out the little potato harvest from one of the volunteer plants.