The potatoes had been a bit uncovered again, so I dug up the one plant that had completely died back. A pretty good harvest; I was turning up big potatoes quite a long way down.

The plum tomatoes have started to lie down a bit, but they seem safe and supported so far. Next year, another parallel fence not too close in should solve this.

I did some more clearing in the trellis bed, and trimmed off pods where I could reach on the everlasting peas. There was a monstrous piece of bramble that had come through and into the apple tree. It was about 12′ long. This bed needs some work – the soil needs feeding and I probably need to try and stick with nasturtiums and the peas, and reduce the amount of toadflax and nigella.

One of the gourd vines had died off, so I harvested the gourds and they’re now curing in the grow house – and not on my desk!