I picked all the remaining beetroot, some of which turned out to be a perfectly good size after all, while others went straight into the compost. There also turned out to be a couple of little carrots left in the bed – orange and black. I picked most of the remaining apples, but some smaller ones didn’t want to come off, so I left them to do whatever they decide to do.

I raked up a couple of buckets of leaves and elder leaf stalks from the grass and the unweeded beds. I pulled up all the nasturtium plants and untwined them from the trellis and fence. The big sweet pea from the back fence has now gone too, with not much left out of reach on the other side to sort itself out and fall down out of sight. The sweet peas by the shed and at the front still have buds on them, so they’re being left for the moment to do what they can.

Mum spread manure on front trellis bed, where I’d dumped it the yesterday before the rain. The rain turned into a Storm Angus and re-cracked the window that was broken by Storm Katie in March. I did a little temporary fix on the plastic, finding out in the process that the masking tape I had in the shed wasn’t worth of the name. The back trellis bed was weeded and we spread another sack of manure.

I went back mid-afternoon and spread a sack of soil conditioner from Mr B’s gate to the left of the apple tree; it was dark by the time I finished. There’s one more sack of soil conditioner left to go along the ledge later.

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