JBM noted that the middle of the big trellis was sagging a little under the weight of the gourds. I dug out one of my branches and sawed a bit off it and Mum put it into place. The offset had fungus growing on it, so I’ve put it with the bug hotel.

I’ve propped up the very heavy tomatoes – they almost instantly outgrow their circular supports. Canes have done some of the work, but the best supports turned out to be the cane arches that came with the everlasting sweet peas. The branches slide down a single cane, but are caught by the arches, so I’ll be keeping those!

I’ve pulled up the poppies now and I’ve kept a good number of their heads to get the seed for next year. There’s a fair amount of space at the trellis now, with a number of nasturtiums. There’s  a lot of grass seed everywhere too, having dropped off what’s coming through from Mr B’s.

The back vines were wandering over the grass and one had grabbed hold of a low apple tree branch. I’ve now redirected them, but the bed is getting a bit crowded. I might have to ultimately let them wander a little. I also need the pumpkin to hurry up and get some fruit before I can think about shortening any vines. It’s the gourds that are growing so madly.

I’ve bought a big sack of straw and put it under all the gourds. I wish I’d read the idea about putting down the straw early on before now. It’d be much easier – and helpful to keep down weeds – if I’d put it among the small plants for them to grow onto.

It turns out that the Fiesta sweetcorn doesn’t need to be harvested until October/November. One kernel is showing and I was a little concerned that it wasn’t the least bit colourful. But clearly there’s a long time before I need to think about the colours, or photos.