I’ve done some marigold deadheading and collected more seed. The leggy one had fallen over, so I’ve pulled that out now. The cosmos had fallen over for the million time and the one by the trellis cracked when I picked it up, so I pulled it out. I’ve also cut back all the annoying verbenas that were covering the paths and I’ve pulled up the ones at the front of the trellis bed, getting in the way of other tall plants.

I’ve finished cutting down all the mint now and keep pulling up whatever weeds I can as I go. The ground is a bit too wet for perfect weeding, but it’s not too bad.

After lunch I finished digging over Bed 1. There’s just a verbena left in it in case I want it elsewhere.

I made a good start on clearing up the front bed too. Lots of couch grass gone, nettles and weeds. There are lots of old haggard calendulas, which I’ll attend to in more detail, cutting them right down to the base and new growth. I’ve also dug up the mallow, which was a droopy nuisance this year. I was somewhat broken after all this, but managed to weed the end bit of the broccoli bed too.

I had a reasonable harvest. One proper sized carrot from the second sowing and a few thumb size ones from the first. I’ve brought back some apples for testing. Two had been eaten by something and then I picked one more, which doesn’t look amazing, but did come off fairly readily.