I’ve bought some trays of lobelia as my seedlings are still tiny and barely making any progress. I’ve also fed all the larger seedlings at home with seaweed extract. They’re not doing too badly, but only one kalette is really worth saving. I think I’ll put it on the end of the onion bed. King Edward potatoes from home are currently chitting as  Bed 10 replacement.

The compost beds seem dry on top, but if you dig down a little, they are retaining moisture, which is a relief. We’ve not had any rain in a long time, so I’m watering the sown beds and the new plants. The salad is just starting to appear.

I’ve broadcast more seed:

  • flax along the ledge and trellis bed
  • corn cockle back of left border and in a patch, mid left Bed 7
  • malope top centre of Bed 7
  • cornflowers all over, inc. long mid section on right of Bed 7
  • poppies all over, inc. top and bottom of Bed 7

I’ve started tying up the everlasting peas, just a few little shoots. I’m determined to keep them under control this year.