The Christmas bug hotel has now been mounted to the back of the left fence with wire wound through the chicken wire. The robin was soon there to serenade the new addition.

I’ve moved some cornflowers into the trellis and front beds. They’ve all formed quite a fibrous net of roots in Bed 7, so the sooner I can get them all out, the better. Unfortunately it’s still too wet on the left hand side to do anything about making space over there.

The onions have started to grow and the first barely visible carrots, beetroot and chard have arrived.

I’ve added a final compost layer to beds 5 and 10 and scattered coffee on the compost heap and any other open beds where there was room. I’ve only got a couple more beds to bring up now. Next year I shouldn’t need to add as much. I also hope I’ll have a bit of leaf mould too. J’s leaves are still mostly in their bags, rather than the bin, but they’re rotting down just as well.