There was a huge ants nest in Bed 8 when I opened it up, eggs and all. I raked it up a bit and for about the first time ever the robin came down to clear up a bit while Mum was mowing and I was weeding the runner bean bed.

The borlotto beans aren’t doing badly, but some of them needed tying in as they had very funny ideas about where to go. One is already up at the top under its own stream. I’m not sure how many beans there will be – there are only a few flowers at the moment.

The runner beans are flowering well at the bottom, but there’s not much further up yet.

We’ve propped up the middle of the two big trellises as they’re now bearing a bit of weight. I’ve sideshooted the Ferlines. One of the nasturtiums has carked it, so I need to either magically fill it in with something, or hope that the others take off and fill in the gap.

The uchiki kuri are doing well, needing a little help to keep heading up. Fruits are starting to appear 🙂

I edged and turned over the broccoli bed before lunch, hoping that the robin would come and clear up a few more ants while I was away.

After lunch I put the broccoli plants in with their cabbage collars. Ants were everywhere still, so I’ve ordered some nematode worms for Beds 8 and 9  to see if I can move them on. I don’t know that they particularly damage things, but I don’t need them mining and drying the soil.

Mum and I put the cage up really easily together and the netting is pegged in place, mostly at the corners. I was able to water and drop slug pellets through the netting. When it comes to weeding, I’m hoping that I’m going to be able to unpeg and lift a side of the netting fairly easily for access. I’m certainly really pleased with how good the frame looks. I’ll have to consider other crops that need protection in future. I think I can buy extensions and new netting if I need anything bigger.

One of the JBLs had been dug up and died, so I’ve replaced it with the spare one. Hopefully the excavator won’t return.

The courgettes are getting bigger and both plants have a handful of fruits developing.

The first tomatoes are here – two Gold Nuggets.

The second sowings of carrot and beetroot are now appearing.

The one remaining Cantery Bells is having a bumper year. Maybe it just ate the others for strength. The sweet williams are also having a good year.

A good half of the everlasting pea by the apple tree has gone through the fence to next door. Next year I need to tie the two panels of the fence together better, because there’s just no way to get the plant back once it’s gone through.