I gave my grass and the bit outside my plot a mow today, which made the step count on my health app look hilarious; an awful lot of back and forth. I also finally got the thistle out of the baked ground, which was very satisfying. The coreopsis got a long-overdue deadhead too, which took a ridiculously long time.

The big white everlasting pea had fallen down, but was re-erected in the afternoon. Other flowers are doing well though and the first sunflower is now open.

The tomatoes are starting to ripen now. I’ve harvested all the garlic now and rearranged the gourds in the back bed a bit. I’ve also pulled up expired poppies, so the bed looks neater now.

The onions are starting to dry off and I pulled up four to continue to drying at home. One was rotten at the bottom, so went in the bin. Then there were two good ones and one that left its middle behind, so will be used sooner rather than later.