I’ve finally ripped up the dumb lettuce and discovered carrots growing below. I’ll fill in a little seed if necessary, but they’re doing surprisingly well for having been sat on by other huge plants all this time.

The volunteer gourds have really rather taken over the place, sitting on the tomatoes and crushing the flowers. I’ve finally sorted them out now, cutting back yards of vine and lots of foliage. I’ve no idea what I’ll do with the gourds, so didn’t hold back from cutting off flowers.

I propped up the cornflowers in Bed 7 after sorting out the vines and discovered that the pumpkin I’d planted in there is still there. It has one female flower on a not very good vine, so I’ll see if I can feed it into success before summer is over.

I also propped up the poor French beans and discovered that one has gone rogue and defaulted back to a climbing flat podded bean, which now needs a taller stick for support.