A nice mild day today in among all the rain. I managed to dig over the bed by the trellis. Not too difficult as I’d already pulled out the big weeds – and it was pretty perfect digging dampness.

I pulled up a bunch of big weeds from around the place, including in the trellis bed. I also spent probably too long pulling up lots of grass from between the trellis and the fence. There were nettles and horrid weeds too.

The annual game of “what’s that? … oh, it’s the anemones!” The flower I never really see bloom.

More musing about the apple tree: I think a big cut back will help it stand up straighter as it won’t be so close the the fence. It fell over because of the weight on it, but it must be also because it’s in the corner like this.

The calendulas and viper’s bugloss are still making it difficult to clear here and there. I can’t quite decide whether to move them (for which I don’t really have the energy or the clear borders) or to just pull them up (which goes against the grain) and assume that they’ve seeded down for next year.