The sun was shining this morning and the anemones were open. There are lots more yet to open too.

I edged the trellis bed, which had grown up with rooty grass like the ledge. About halfway along there’s a big dip that I need to fill with  soil. The autumn mulching has stayed in place nice and thick. I have now sprinkled compost over the ledge and the front bed too, so let’s see how the weeds stay down.

There was just some grass and vetch to get out in the bed. Some of the grass came up with satisfying stretches of root back to the trellis. At the boundary I ripped out as much nettle as I could. I also managed to cut the annoying mound of grass right down low and pull out the long lengths growing between my trellis and the chicken wire.

Up by the apple tree I’d previously noticed some green growth that I hoped was the Michaelmas daisy. It is not. It was a weed, which has now been dug up. There are a number of self-sown nasturtiums coming up in the bed and I moved a verbena from the front along towards the gate.

Aside from the inner beds, the only weeding left to do is the left bed and the few bits of grass left in plum corner.