It’s been raining a lot recently, but it was clear this afternoon and the wind had died down a bit, so I was able to get down to the plot and do some weeding. Plum Corner was quite muddy but I made a good first pass at it. A bit more lemon balm needs to be removed and some nettles. I shall probably have room for a couple of cornflowers when the soil is drier.

The soil was better drained in the front bed and I got out lots of a broad-leaved weed and grass. One lupin has a rotten side and was being taken over by a lemon balm, so it’s a bit smaller than other specimens. Hopefully it might catch up a bit with some more room to breathe.

I’ve propped up the pear tree a bit, as it still insists on leaning and getting caught in the fence. Maybe it’ll stand up for a minute before it overpowers the prop. Similarly, I’ve added a third wooden prop to the saggiest fence post in the trellis bed. That’s stood it up quite well, but it could really do with a guy rope the other side.

To help the elder and apple tree out a bit, I’ve thrown a few handfuls of chicken pellets underneath them. Tonight’s rain can water that it.