I’ve sown a new lettuce mix at home. I’ve covered the top with vermiculite and so far it seems to be keeping the birds off!

It’s been raining a lot, and so parts of my plot were squidgy and others were underwater.

I uncovered Beds 4 and 10, raked them over, added phosphorous and then topped with a layer of new compost.

I’ve planted 48 onions in Bed 4. One was mouldy, one was small and caused an odd number, so I threw them onto the compost bin.

I realised on the way out that Plum Corner is far too full of lemon balm, so a bunch of that needs to come out and a number of cornflowers could fill the gaps. One of the cornflowers in Bed 7 has a bud, so I really need to do something with them.

Since things are starting to grow now, I’ve sprinkled grass seed in the emptiest areas. Some of those are covered by my walking blocks, so those can protect the seed quite nicely.