I did the first potting on of the season, moving the uchiki kuri, the courgettes and one JBL into bigger pots. I’ve also separated half the morning glories from the first tray into another tray. Hopefully they’ll all be solid plugs by the time I can put them out.

The first cucumbers have all gone bent in strange ways. I hope that the backups might avoid this.

I’ve bought new pumpkin seeds as I don’t like how leggy they are, but I only have one spare seed.

I just really wish the tomatoes would buck up a bit. They’re very behind my usual point. The damaged ones have their true leaves, but are still small. The replacements are slowly appearing.

I went to the plot in the afternoon. I dug down to the roots of the plants I was given for the front bed, but there’s no sign of life from them at all. So I’m pretty sure I’ve just got architectural sticks. I’ll take them out and inspect each one, but it looks like I need something else for the front bed.

I did another bunch of good grass removal and verbena cutting. Most of the grass is now gone from the left hand side, though I’m sure plenty has come up where I’ve already been.

I’ve donated my obelisk to C & V. I have no more use for it and it’s only got a year left in it. They might just use it for canes, but it’s now no longer my storage or destruction problem.