The first thing I did when I got the shed was drop my new nut feeder out onto the outside mat, so the second thing I did was fasten the catch with wire. I managed to get it up on a chosen branch with my new steps and gripper. The ladder got quite a workout today.

While the compost defrosted, I made a start on the apple tree pruning. It’s not finished yet, but even when we get the remaining long bits done next week, I still want it to get professional attention, because the tree is just insane.

A few tiny weeds are appearing in the compost. When I picked them out I saw the first shoot of garlic coming up. A few inches away was something white, which turned out to be another clove, starting to shoot. I poked around and quickly found its hole and reburied it.

I’ve filled the last half go Bed 9 with compost, so that’s complete. Bed 10 has had its compost and is complete. Bed 6 had the last of the lovely leaf mould and then a layer of compost and is also now complete. The thickness of the compost is varying a bit from bed to bed, so as it all compacts, I’ll be looking to see what needs topping up.

After lunch I put the last 2 bags of compost onto Bed 7. I’ve made the inevitable decision that the remaining plot compost should go on Bed 1, as that’s only had manure so far. Hopefully we’ll be able to drag it down there on the cardboard and plastic it’s on. My bad wrist allowing, of course.

I went round the plot and gathered up the last mounds of clay. I finally got round to sorting out the mint area, which turned out to be the perfect moment as the mound of earth just crumbled and I was able to rake it out. I dug up the weeds and threw out the ¬†grass. Now it’s ready to have some kind of bug hotel and recover the mint to whatever degree it wants too.

I dug up the hyssop to move it, but it fell apart, so I’m now in the market for a filler at the front right of the triangle.

With the broken trellis panel not currently in place, I was able to dig up the big mound of grass on the fence line and reduced what I could of the bits of bramble and nettle. The everlasting pea is still in there, but needs to not be trampled any more. I’ve cut back some of the bramble further down, growing between the fence and the trellis, but it would be too big a job to get it out entirely.