I went down to the plot after work and was very glad that I did, as the Roma tomatoes were showing signs of blight. I wasn’t really surprised, as before I’d even seen them, walking round by the apple tree and ledge seemed very dark and full.

More than just brown marks on the stems, some of the foliage had dark damaged patches with white underneath. I stripped off all the foliage with any sign of damage and then moved on to just taking off most of the foliage, making lots of airflow.

I’ll work on taking a lot more foliage off the cherry tomatoes too. There’s a brown mark on the stem, but nothing more yet. Seeing as the Ferlines have made pretty good trusses, I hope they manage to avoid the blight.

Every time I think I’m going to pull up the poppies, they do this. If they don’t stop soon, I’ll have to make myself pull them up while they’re in bloom.