It was pretty windy from Storm Hannah today, so I didn’t go down to the plot to do any broadcast sowing. It was cold and windy enough in the doorway of the garage, doing some potting on. I have:

  • moved clary into 9 pots and the rest into separate cells
  • sown a bunch more nasturtium and canary creeper in newly empty cells to see if they will deign to grow at all
  • given up all hope of seeing marigolds
  • potted on the slowcoach tomatoes – which have promptly flopped over in a sulk
  • potted on the Turks¬†turbans
  • potted on a couple of medium-sized bitter melons, leaving two little ones in brown pots
  • watered everything that needed it
  • admired the beans, which are all coming up in different ways (mostly with their cotyledons, which have usually stayed below ground in my experience)
  • still not done anything about the morning glory that has fallen over; I think I’ll just prop it up