Flowers are coming up and opening all over the place and the apple tree is in full bloom.

A couple of tiny carrots are visible now, no beetroot yet though. I’ve finally put down some slug pellets around the place, as there are plenty of beasts to be found, but I’ve just been ignoring them.

I did broadcast sowing all around the plot and covered it in compost and watered it in. I ended up putting most seeds most places: calendula, cornflowers, flax; candytuft and flax at the front. I picked off various lengths of bindweed and horsetail as I went. It’s that time already.

I put rows of flax between the veg rows too, as I have ended up with so much seed. What’s left in my boundaries after the perennials have come up is a much smaller area than my two big flower beds last year.

At the front, those little bulbs are coming up of course, among the poppies, freesias and alliums. I’ve ended up with probably too many seeds and seedlings now. The (replacement) nasturtiums at home are finally coming up, but I’ve got so many volunteers, they’re barely needed.

On the ledge I put the remaining¬†Californian poppies, the harebell seeds (some near Mr B’s gate too), some aquilegia and all the old poppy seed – which I’m pretty sure bit the dust years ago.

I dotted borage seeds around the place and put sweet peas and nasturtiums along the fence line. I stuck a bunch of morning glory along the back fence, including one down the mouse hole.