After a bunch of rain that made me move my day off, today was finally dry enough (for the hardy in their macs) to do some clearing. Happily, the soil had dried out enough to make weeds easy to pull and shake off.

Bed 3 needs some tidying attention but is really working hard on filling itself with coreopsis, cornflower, flax and calendula around the yarrow plants.

Suzy and I cleared a bunch of big weeds and some finished zinnias from the middle bed before moving on to the dahlia bed. That’s now been weeded, edged and covered in compost. We also took a whole bucket of soil from it and added it to the annoying dip in the main path.

We cleared the back bed but for a couple of cerinthe seedlings, a lupin, a couple of nicotiana (half cut down to see if they’ll go through the winter) and a zinnia that’s not given up yet.

Bed 1 is going to need a quick turn to get rid of the seedlings on what I’d already done, but I can see that at least some of those are cornflower, so I will probably move some of those self-seeds.