I mowed the grass today and – apart from under the apple tree – I was able to go straight to 1, which made the whole job much faster. I have to do it in a slightly haphazard order, but I’m getting better at doing the paths as long stretches.

I cleared the front bed of much of its rubbish today. It’s another bed that needs more soil and nutrition in it. The allium bulbs aren’t yet letting go of their stalks without pulling the bulbs out of the ground, which isn’t very helpful. The helianthus is now starting to flower, but I don’t have any lower end of season colour to come here. I need to sort that out.

I pulled up the last potatoes today. The one that had one one stalk of green haulm had only just started to grow and there was a barely touched original potato with just a few tiny new potatoes attached. The other potato gave a reasonable collection of potatoes. Oh, and the first pear fell off the tree today.