I focused on clearing up the trellis bed and by the end of the day, all the nigella was gone, brambles were cut back, grass pulled up and toadflax deadheaded / cut back. It looks much better as a result. There are all sorts of little weeds and brambles in the soil, so it needs a turn over and some manure at some point. And then probably fewer toadflax and nigella plants so they don’t take over.

There are loads of plum tomatoes yet to ripen and I’ve now propped up the tresses that had been lying on the ground.

The sunflower seeds are being eaten by something – hopefully a small bird, and not one of the crows coming in where it’s not welcome. So far the apples haven’t been touched. Perhaps if it is a crow eating the sunflower seeds, they’ll leave the apples alone?

I harvested a bunch of gourds where the vine had already died. They’re now curing in the grow house. There are lots more yet to come – not sure yet what I’m going to do with them all.