Flooded again

Storm Katie blew through last night, filling the allotment with water and blowing out one of the shed windows. I’d gone to the plot this afternoon to see if there was any damage and was relieved to find the shed still standing. It didn’t confess to its window problems until I went around the side and found one blown in and the other somewhat bowed. The silver lining was that this appears to have happened after the rain had finished, as the inside of the shed was dry. Phew, that would have been miserable. Though every inch of the shed has been painted with preservative, my uncooperative subconscious is still convinced it’s all going to instantaneously rot into a pile of nothing at some point.

Broken window

I called in the A Team and before long Dad and Mum were coming down the path armed with the means to make a temporary repair. So the shed is watertight again and when the floodwaters recede, we can upgrade the windows to something that can resist howling gales. While the rest of the blurb on the shed website likes to go on about the various strengths and quality of its component parts in comparison to other brands, I must say it was remarkably quiet about the flimsy 2mm styrene windows it supplied.

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