Tidy up

The shed had its first coat of white paint today and the plot in general got a good tidy, with buckets being stashed behind the shed and poles that may or may not come into use later being stashed down the side. I was doing something while Mum was painting, but as it’s more than a week later, I’m now not sure what that was. Broadcasting flower seed, I believe. Filling up the flower beds with all kinds in the hope that some percentage of it will germinate and give me the instant meadow I’m hoping for.

The compost bin is also all but gone now, which makes a big difference. The chicken wire and posts have been removed and the unsifted compost heaved into the blue barrel to get it out of the way. That meant I was able to cut the rest of the border flower bed – and at least see the ground where there’s meant to be a bed for the courgettes.

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