I missed last weekend and had forgotten that I’d left the plot in the middle of a job. It’s rained a lot in the last week, so the bucket of earth we’d left out was now a bucket a mud. The poles had all been washed off quite well though.

The tomatoes were completely killed off with blight, so the first job was to cut them down and bag them up for the bin. There were a number to take home – some actually red, some that may ripen. I only trod on a few, but we’re sure to get more volunteers next year.

The kalettes suddenly look a little different. There’s a million whitefly, which appear when you touch the plant and the actual kalettes are beginning to form properly. It will be a while before they’re worth picking though.

The robin came back to see me and enjoyed the newly empty plum tomato bed. Excitingly, there were also several signs of a hedgehog having been around in the plot. I may have to think again about a hedgehog house.

In doing lot of big weed removal, I pulled up the volunteer potato in Bed 1 without seeing its foliage. So that was quite a nice surprise.


After lunch we finished the tidying of the side of the shed and this time we put down the weed membrane that we didn’t last time. I’ve pinned it in a few places to try and stop the weeds just coming round the edge. All the wood and the wire fencing is back in place.

The next issue is where to put all the covered fencing that’s been supporting the tomatoes. All the walls and rings and currently just stood out of the way by the apple tree. Possibly I can flatten them, tie them together and file them down the side of the shed over winter.

I’ve dug up the volunteer currant bush and put it in a pot to see if it will make it through the winter. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it at that point. Bed 3 in place of at least some of the yarrow maybe?