A long weekend for my birthday. In the morning I did lots of pull up weeding. Handfuls of weeds coming up nice and easily from the damp compost. Bed 6 has now been given a bag of compost and covered for winter.

Two bags of manure have gone onto Bed 1. It’s still pretty low, but most compost etc will be added in the spring when I can start getting the car down again. It’s a bit borderline at the moment.

All the fencing has been wound up fairly tightly and is now tucked down the side of the shed in the freshly tidied storage area.

The kalettes are still growing well and the dropping leaves are fine; they help to mature the plant. I had a little dig to look at a parsnip and found one with a reasonable top. No idea how long it is though. There’s a Liz Truss lettuce in the compost bin that doesn’t seem to have suffered at all since being pulled up.

In the afternoon I dug up the yarrow completely. I thought I might leave some of it, but I’ll put the currant in its place and I see if I like that. Some of the bulbs are peeking above the soil. It all turned over beautifully and there was lots of stuff for the birds to find.