I’ve dug over Bed 6 now and my fork hit something very solid at one end. I tried a different angle and up came the rotten end of one of the log poles which had previously broken off. It was originally set by JBM, which explains why this last bit was so deep. It made a bit of a gloopy noise when it came up, but I couldn’t see water in the hole, so clearly the water isn’t too high just yet.

I’ve now edged the middle bed, where the grass and clover had completely grown over the wood and onto the bed. The final plants have now been moved too. Just a Californian poppy, a cornflower, a few cerinthe. They’ve mostly gone into the front bed.

I looked at this insane apple tree and it’s put on goodness knows how much branch length and is busy growing new ones, pointing in towards the trunk, which are certainly going to the wrong way. I think I’ll get some proper help / delegation next year when it comes to pruning time as it apparently doesn’t like listening to me.