Achievement unlocked. Today I earned the badge for Carrying On Digging In The Pouring Rain. If only I’d had a shed in which I could have hidden. Ah well, the digging got done and my muddy, soaked clothes are now in the wash.

The last remaining rhubarb is now history. Digging up those two plants was actually a lot of fun. They were in particularly nice soil and so the digging was easy and the roots are like hilarious orange octopus legs. They’re long and bendy, weaving all over the place and then waggle about hilariously when you pull  out a particularly long piece and wave it in the air victoriously.


Aside from the rhubarb removal in the rain, I also made the first step towards an actual decision. The flower bed that runs along the front fence has now been marked out (the first use for the birthday twine from Suzy!) and dug over. So that there is a 32 x 2 foot  piece of progress.

First flower bed

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