There were carrot tops on door mat again and, sure enough, more big holes in the carrot bed, along with loose carrot tops. In order to stop them being wasted, I’ve pulled them all up. There were a few mad ones from the second sowing, which had grown as big balls.

All the poison in the bait station had been eaten, but there’s a small hole in the compost and a load of the good compost has been kicked out against the shed. I need to scrape that out, but you’re also not supposed to disturb the surrounding area too much.

There’s been a lot of rain recently, but temperatures have dropped and have evidently been low enough that the nasturtiums and marigolds have been killed off. The cerinthe on the bug hotel has recovered from its move and looks pretty good.

I emptied the buckets that were full of rain water and have put out the stepping stones to save the mud. The first concrete slab has sunk a little under the weight of the water butts. Perhaps it can be picked up a bit next summer when the water level is lower.

I cleared half of  Bed 9. I’m leaving some of the material as green manure and some is going to the compost bin. There will be loads of morning glory next year, there’s no way around it.

The kalettes are still maturing. I’m not sure the florets will ever get particularly big, but I can leave them a while longer.