I’ve all but finished clearing Bed 9. A couple of candytuft remain, which will either go to the compost, or into a border if there’s an easy place for them. Then coffee and cover.

The trellis bed is also cleared up now at last. Various weeds gone and another bit of bramble cut off that turned out to be much longer on the other side than I expected.

Bed 10 is properly clear now. The cosmos roots had loosened up a lot and I took the big clumps out for compost. Other lighter bits of material have been left in the soil. I had a look under the cover on Bed 11 and nothing much has happened to all the poppies under there.

I tidied up the compost that had been kicked out and got ¾ of a bucket of good stuff. That went onto Bed 2, which is low – but barely made any difference. It needs at least another bag on it.

Bed 7 is the main remaining challenge. I think I’ll see if I can clear almost of all of it, but leave the cornflowers at the end. If I do pumpkins here, they can fight it out amongst themselves.

Over in the mess of Plum Corner is a glorious snapdragon doing its own thing. Hopefully I won’t break it next spring when I’m clearing up the mess all around it.