Down to the allotment today to plant more morning glories. I’ve done around the entire boundary now and have a tray left over. I’ll keep those at home to grow on a bit and will use them either as necessary replacements, or as fillers.

Over in Plum Corner, the foxgloves are waking up a bit, having also rotted a bit. I might just get some flower spikes from them this year if I’m lucky. The one over by the trellis is looking even more hopeful.

The radishes are doing well and need some thinning. Suddenly I can see their colouring and we have red, purple and yellow. I might sow more as I’m not sure if I’ll have a moment to photograph them when harvested.

The veg that I’ve put out is all looking ok, but a bit dilapidated. We’ve gone from lots of rain to sunny and hot, so I think I need to give everything a feed to help it out.

I did lots of edging, including Bed 9, which I uncovered ready for tomorrow’s project. The usual ant kingdom was underneath the plastic, so I raked it up a bit in the hope that the wildlife would find it.

Right as I got to the gate I saw that the lupin which had had a few leaves nibbled was now missing half of a few flowers too. So back to the shed I went to get the slug pellets, which I’ve put all along the left hand side.