Yet another bank holiday weekend, but we’ve got beautiful sunshine and much higher temperatures. I pretty quickly changed my brown top for a vest top when I started doing my potting on in the courtyard.

I’ve gone through everything at home and fed it all with seaweed. I’ve also labelled which plants are spares, which tomatoes are needed for which beds, and which are staying at home as extras. I have a couple of Ferlines that we can’t really house here, so I’ll see if anyone else wants them.

I’ve potted on the marigolds and few calendula into fibre pots. The snapdragons are still a bit small for pinching, though a few are showing the first signs of side shoots now. I’ve rubbed off what powdery mildew I can, in  case that helps.

It’s the first night outside for the tomatoes tonight, with the vital ones in the grow house and the home ones by the back door. Three trays of morning glory not pictured are on the bench, waiting to go to the allotment tomorrow for another planting session.