I’ve pinched the first expired flowers from the sweet pea by the shed, I think Mum needs to do a couple on the right hand fence. The flower stalks aren’t very long, so I’ve not spotted anything that would work as cut flowers yet.

I found spots in the left and right beds for the coleus, as well as 1 each in beds 1 and 7. In the right hand bed the big bear’s breeches has been flowering for a little while and there is now a little flax in bloom. One or two hyssops are getting flowers too, which I wasn’t expecting.

The beans are beginning to flower, but are still not particularly bushy plants and not ready pinch off yet. The yellow chard plants look ok and there’s a much smaller red one coming along too.

A number of cornflowers are open in the front bed and after I took the photo I cut some for indoors. I’ve read that I need to keep cutting them to keep them coming. There are a lot of plants coming in bed 1; I think a number are cornflowers, but I’m not sure that’s all.