Staking the fence

After two mornings of heavy rain, two days of work and then a walk in the woods on Sunday, I went to the plot just to see if everything was ok. The back fence was leaning somewhat, in part from its heavy load of everlasting pea this year. I think one fencepost may actually be a bit rotten, but it’s on the wrong side of the fence really. I’ve put in a temporary stake which has improved things a lot, but the stake really needs to be buried more firmly somehow – difficult when there’s chicken wire not very far down. A crappy post on the other side is also pushing against the fence, but there’s not much I’ve been able to do about that, apart from bending the chicken wire back from its billowing shape.

The attack on the apples has continued big time and I’m pretty sure it’s crows or corvids of some kind as there are so many around. They’re just eating the tops and then abandoning them, but down the corner by the fence one had evidently had more of a complete feast. I picked what I could carry back up the path and I’ll get more at the weekend.