I did some good tidying up in the garden, as I’ve felt that the boundaries have been looking a bit scraggy recently now that a number of the flowers have gone over. I even discovered a blooming malope in Plum Corner. I cut down the foxglove spikes and seed went everywhere.

Over by the trellis I cut the purple loosestrife down to new flower buds, so that looks much nicer. I’ve also weeded and done pull up edging here, at the front and around all sorts of edges. There’s still more to do, but the place looks better already.

The blight has unfortunately definitely reached the Ferlines 🙁 Affected foliage and fruit is going straight in the rubbish, with the hope that I might just buy enough time for some tomatoes to ripen.

The borlotto beans are really taking off now. There are lots of pods and lots of great colour among the huge leaves.

The Canterbury bells are having their second flush of flowering thanks to having deadheaded them properly. What a win! The donated flowers in the front bed are just starting to get flower buds too.

I hid from one lot of rain in the shed, before getting to work round the back of the compost bin. I have cleared out buckets of nettles and bindweed. There’s still work to be done to get done the side of the shed. Hopefully, I can get to that before the first lot has grown back again. By this point it was pouring with rain, so I had to head home without pausing to do a panorama.