Bed 11 is now done. It took a fair amount of re-edging, with a lot of grass having to come out. The bed’s now 4 feet wide by not quite 10 feet long. We spread all the spent coffee grounds we had – a huge bag! – over the bed and then 3 bags of manure went over the top. With my compost heap now up and running, the remaining leaves at home will probably go on there rather than bed 1 or 7. I need to rake them up first though.

Still a good chunk of work to be done, so here’s to some drier days before the weekend (after tomorrow’s heavy rain!)

The dahlia tubers are tucked away now. I layered them with some fairly dry compost in a cardboard box. Quite how I’ll be able to check them over the winter, I don’t know. But remembering will be the first trick. Next year at least 2 or 3 of the dahlias can go into Plum Corner. Had that corner not flooded last year, I’d have just put the tubers in there now and mulched them.