It was windy, but at least dry during today’s stint. It’s pretty tiring having to fight the sail that is my shed door though, particularly when it’s intent on knocking you into the shed. The gate was open when I got there, because the mended latch has already come away on its screws. The top corner of the gate is unfortunately simply rotten. It stays shut fairly well if you pull it over the wire in the grass though. I’ll possibly tie it up once I’m done for the winter.

I finished weeding the left-hand boundary and mulched it with compost as I went. I used a bag and a bit. I managed to get a few bits of grass out from the shrubs, but some is just there to be a nuisance forever. Just like one or two docks right by the fence, which are destined just to have their leaves ripped off from time to time.

The sweet pea from the gate has now been pulled up. Half of it was still alive, but it wasn’t actually flowering anymore.

I made a start on the quagmire that is bed 1 and dug up all kinds of weeds, candytuft, cornflowers and calendula, which I’ve discarded. Three verbenas have been dug up so far, for possible transplanting. More calendula will head to the bin than I originally¬†planned, but I’m running out of energy for digging and transplanting and they were pretty easy to grow from seed in the spring.

I took the biggest verbena over to the right boundary for later planting (by that time I was done in) and pulled up a few weeds while I was there. The flax was completely done, so I pulled that up and scattered its remaining seeds. There’s still a lot of weeding to be done on the right.

Tomorrow the old compost bins, the wood preserver can and a compost sack will head to the bin lorry and get out of the way of my panoramas.