The garlic was almost all up this morning, so I watered the bed as we’ve not had rain in a while.

My friend the robin arrived in the tree as soon as I went to hang up the new coconut. A coconut that was entirely missing when I went back in the afternoon, most likely stolen by the crow that came into the plot a couple of times. I had both robins bobbing about; one of them likes to stand on the fencepost right by the nest box.

I weeded all along the trellis bed and into the triangle. The soil is not bad for weeding at the moment. I’ve made room near the gate so I can transplant some of the cornflowers from Bed 7.

In the afternoon we put 2 bags of manure on Bed 1. Half a bag went onto Bed 5 and the other half went onto Bed 4, leaving a little to finish from another bag. All those beds got coffee grounds.